A Pocket WiFi rental in Japan
The Best price,Quality and Wide Coverage Pocket Wifi rental in Japan

  • for Internet Access from anywhere in Japan

Rent a WiFi, Pocket Wifi device (HOTSPOT MIFI)
for Internet Access from anywhere in Japan

-Useful information for trip to Japan-

  • High-speed internet Japan WIFI HOTSPOT: 150Mbps, 350Mbps at optimal condition.
  • Unlimited internet access: No additional fees for data access in Jpan.

    150Mbps Standard Wifi data usage is 3Gbyte/day from May, 2018.

    The data speed will be limited once the Pocket Wifi device reaches the usage of 3GB/day. Heavy data transmission such as Video streaming and heavy files transfer, those might trigger the limit. Speed limitation will be canceled at 12 midnight (24:00) of the day. If you use a lot of data, we recommend "Super Premium Wifi" or "Premium Wifi".

  • Easy pickup: We deliver the pocket WiFi to the Airport, hotel, residence, office , etc. in Japan.
  • No installation system is required.
  • The Pocket Wifi coverage area extends to 98% around Japan.
  • Flexible rental policy, starting from 4 days of rental period.
  • Delivery is made one day before rental start date so customers staying at hotels can pickup the device(s) at any time on that day.

Pocket WiFi Special 2020 Tokyo Olympic/ Paralympics Campaign
- FREE Premium Airport Delivery! - By End of December 2020-


How to Rent a pocket wifi Japan
Rent a pocket wifi Japan
Easy order
Rent a pocket wifi Japan
Rent a pocket wifi Japan
Easy return

Rental a Pocket Wifi terms

Please fix your rental terms. Your rental terms is defined as below.

Rent terms a pocket wifi Japan

Pocket Wifi Rental Fee Includes shipping/return fee Anywhere in Japan

Super Premium Japan Pocket Wifi 350Mbps
There is no stress 350Mbps 1-4days/1,450JPY / day

Depending on the supplies, you may receive a device different from the picture above, but with the equivalent performance and functionality.

Premium Japan Pocket Wifi 150Mbps
Unlimited Plan 150Mbps High Speed WIFI 1-4days/1,250JPY / day

Depending on the supplies, you may receive a device different from the picture above, but with the equivalent performance and functionality.

STANDARD Japan Pocket Wifi 150Mbps
Of course a notebook PC with much quantity of data is most suitable for a smartphone. 150Mbps 1-4days/990JPY / day

Depending on the supplies, you may receive a device different from the picture above, but with the equivalent performance and functionality.

Rent a pocket wifi Japan option
Extra Battery for Japan Pocket WiFi
To extend the battery life of your pocket WiFi, we recommend you to rent an extra battery, which will allow you to use 10-12hours. Extra battery rental fee is 100Yen/day. It is rechargeable type Battery. You do not need to buy Dry Battery.
Rent a pocket wifi Japan
number 1
Make reservations online.
We will send you a booking confirmation and payment procedure information by e-mail. Please make the payment by credit card.
number 1
Receive your device in Japan.
We deliver the pocket WiFi to the Airport, hotel, residence, office , etc.
number 1
To return the device to us, please place all rental items into the prepaid return envelope, seal it, and then drop it in any mailbox. You will easily find mailboxes all around Japan.
  • Delivery of rental equipment will be in Japan. Receipt is available at home, hotels, airport counter.
    Please have your return is mailed to the post until the next day at noon to put in a special envelope. (Price does not take)
  • Easy Pickup: We make sure that the device(s) arrive one day before requested pickup date in order to ensure smooth and easy pickup in Japan.
  • Were sent along with the rental product, envelope placed in a (fee paid) the rental goods, please drop it in the post until the next day lunch of rental end date. (Price does not take) (Note: Since the thickness will be 3cm below, please put it in the back in the same way as when receiving)
  • Payment, credit card only.
  • This service will not be available outside Japan.
  • The WiFi rental passport was no longer required.
  • Cancellation fee, if prior to shipping from our company, will not occur. It will be 1,000 yen as long as it is after shipping.
  • iPad, iPone, iPodTouch, smart phone, Windows XP, Vista, will be available in such as 7,8,10 and Mac.

Why rent a pocket WiFi in Japan?


The Wifi Environment in Japan:?

In Japan, free WiFi hotspots are generally quite rare.?Although free Wifi can be accessed easily in places like McDonald's or Starbucks in a lot of other countries, that service is not available in Japan unless the device is registered in advance. This necessary registration is typically very difficult for a foreign tourist.?Moreover, it might be unwise to rely on the security of the free Hotspots. A visitor's ID and password can be stolen and unexpected damages can occur. In some cases, the ID and password may be manipulated so that the customer becomes the perpetrator.

Although many hotels also provide Wifi, often it is not free. This is because hotels usually have a contract with a Wifi service company. In many countries, WiFi access for visitors is prepared and can be used freely. However, such service is not provided in many Japanese establishments.
What's more is that there is almost no internet connection, such as Wifi, in dormitories for those who are studying abroad in Japan or for those that are currently enrolled in training.?

In Tokyo, internet cafes require a Japanese ID, prohibiting easy access for foreign tourists.

As you can see, internet access is restricted not only in public places but also in companies and hotels. Furthermore, practical uses of smart phones and laptops (e.g. Looking up a map of the town) would be difficult under these circumstances.

However, if tourists and visitors are able have easy access to the internet, their time spent in Japan can be easier and more enjoyable.?


About the Internet situation in Japan:

Some people consider the use of prepaid SIM cards over tablet computers and smart phones, but prepaid SIM cards in Japan are severely restricted. Only Japanese citizens or legal foreign residents can purchase prepaid and postpaid SIM cards with a telephone function. Strict identification is performed upon acquisition in order to prevent crimes using a mobile phone and therefore travellers are only able to rent SIM cards with a telephone call function.

In Japan, prepaid data only SIM cards are not offered by major telecommunication companies (NTT DOCOMO, SOFT BANK, AU, E-mobile, etc.)?

What does happen though, is that a separate company borrows a circuit from these major companies, and provides the service. Data only prepaid SIM cards from these third parties tend to be cheap.

At our company we considered this option and it was something we tested in the beginning. However we found that the speed was insufficient for our customers' needs and decided not to offer this service. Although advertised speeds were 7MBPS or even 14MBPS, we found that even in urban areas the maximum speed reached was around 100-300KBPS.?
This is due to the sudden increase in demand for tablets and smart phones in Japan and the circuits of major telecommunication companies are at maximum load. Since the third-party companies are only able to get hold of a small circuit from the major companies, the original speed and efficiency of the SIM card is lost. So far, this problem has not been rectified.?Therefore the quality and reliability of the this option was not something we were happy to put our name to.?

At our company, we rent out SIM cards directly from the major companies, so this is not of any concern.

The last option is a pocket Wifi.?Wifi can be accessed within a range of 20m from the pocket Wifi at any time.?Moreover, since only a pocket Wifi user knows the encryption and the password at the time of connection, the internet can be access securely at all times.
In Japan, there are two major pocket Wifi's:
2. LTE4G
WIMAX has a service area that is narrow and can only be used in urban areas.
LTE4G is the newest standard and has become the mainstream of major telecommunication companies. Therefore, the coverage area is wide and has a maximum speed of 150 MPBS.
Since LTE4G has become the standard, we recommend you consider LTE4G if renting.

Compatible Devices:
All devices that can connect to Wifi such as smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. Irrespective of country of origin are supported.

?Connecting to the pocket wifi is easy and can be done in three simple steps:

1 Turn on the pocket Wifi.
2 Choose the SSID of pocket Wifi (name of pocket Wifi) to connect to.
3 Enter the password for connection.

We also have video instructions, please click here.?Although it is simple, we hope this helps make traveling in Japan easier.

How to Rent a pocket wifi Japan